Sisterhood: IndieGoGo and Sketch Cover Project

I am so very pleased how this first attempt at crowdsourcing is going, so I am stepping it up a notch and will vouch to make a donation to HERO INITIATIVE and if we reach STRETCH GOAL #1 at the MAKE 100 Project then it will even be 50% of all profits.

And to be completely bonkers, I vouch to DOUBLE the orders at MAKE 100 for FREE if I reach Stretch Goal #2.

And yes, you will also get all the freebies from Kickstarter for Sisterhood #1 as well as the “2d Chance” running project at Indiegogo, for which you can also still apply/pledge. Just check out the pledges there and make sure to double back for the Original Art Option this week!!

Reimbursing shipping costs is part of the deal, but if you forego this option, then I will make sure the donation to Hero Initiative will be extra.