bannerThe Sisterhood Crew consists of:

Creator: Richard Boom, yup! ūüôā

Writers: Rodrigo Montiero, Victor Kruithof, Justin Lee Fox, Markus von Renthe-Fink, Gert-Jan van Oosten, Richard Boom eo.
Continuity Editor: Markus von Renthe-Fink.

Regular Cover Artists: Adam Brown, Ryan Brown, Paulo Teles Yonami, Vincenzo Zerov Salvo, Markus von Renthe-Fink, Cutiesquad, Gary Parkin, Daniel HDR, Vinz El Tabanas, eo

Variant Cover Artists: Eric Basaldua, Tyler Kirkham, Greg Capullo, JM Linsner, Budd Root, Lucio Parrillo, Martin Montiel, Stef Wilson, Vincenco Cucca,  Elias Chadzoudis, eo

Sequential Artists: Diego Magno Loiola, Richard Cain, Dody Eka, Markus von Renthe-Fink, Jacob Crippen, Vinz El Tabanas, Renee Rienties, Cezar Redak.

RICHARD BOOM: Project Leader/Creator

Richard Boom started out in the comic industry as your regular fanboy, just reading comics and enjoying it even more due to the internet and making contact with creators. As his contact list grew, so did his interest in the complete field of comic. Starting up a Bad Grrl Comics Fan club in 2001 was the first step to go further then his own living room. Soon thereafter he began setting up websites for Arthur Suydam, Eric Basaldua, Broadsword Comics and focusingon titles like Vampirella, Cavewoman, Hack/Slash and more… During a visit to a Belgium convention (F.A.C.T.S.) he even started working with the organization and since 2006 he has been officially affiliated with this convention, helping them when and where he can; from seeking sponsorships, contacting artists to be their guests to actually helping to manage the Artist Alley. At this convention he met the founder of Broken Frontier and shortly thereafter began doing headlines for this news site. Later he founded the website COMICSFORSINNERS which more resembles his prior BadGrrl fanclub. Nowadays Richard dabbles in editing comics, doing comic book PR, translating comics, stopped working at FACTS in 2016 and has collected a lot of Hot Mummy sketches hoping to turn that into a comic book series in 2018 and onwards.

Markus von Renthe-Fink: Story Editor / backup-story penciller

Markus’ comic book career hit a major road-bump early on when, in his mid-twenties, he had to face the fact that he was living in a comic-book 3rd world country: Germany. “Image Comics” had just been formed, and his dream of ascending into the ranks of superstars such as Silvestri, Campbell, Charest or Lee were shattered by the fact that he would have to move to USA, and his drawing skills, impressive as they were by then, were not quite honed enough to make this a realistic possibility. So – he pretty much stopped drawing altogether, focusing on getting a “real job” as a graphics designer. – – – Fast forward 20 years: at a book signing in Frankfurt he met Greg Capullo, who was kind enough to look through Markus’ portfolio. To the German’s surprise, he was told by the popular artist that a) his stuff was fairly good and b) nowadays, the “studio system” had virtually ceased to exist: all you needed as a penciller was skills, a scanner and an internet connection. The flame of rekindled hope rose in Markus’ eyes like a bonfire. Looking for a project to finally spread his artistic wings, he met jack-of-all-trades Richard Boom through Facebook. The rest is history (in the making): Markus von Renthe-Fink now acts as story editor and continuity assistant on the “Sisterhood” book, as well as drawing a 20-something page origin story about one of the main characters, trying very hard to make up for lost time.

Victor Kruithof: writer

At school, Kruithof wanted to become an archeologist, but ended up studying journalism and then information-management in hoping to become a librarian. Eventually he became a mix of both at a financial newspaper. But there was a constant focus his career choices, stories. I always wanted to become a writer. In 2011 he joined a talent-contest for the Dutch smallpress publisher Windmill Comics. It let him to his own comic serial, the UC Masters. Because of his critisism about translations and with the experience at the newspaper he was asked to act as the editor for LoneJim Comics, learning again a different side of storytelling through comics. When the crisis of 2008 and digital innovations finally hit his newspaperjob in 2013, he started to look around for more writingjobs. And thus, the crisis brought him to Boom Art Department and Richard Boom’s strange fondness for mummies. Boom had the action figures and building blocks to play with. Kruithof had enough fantasy to give them their own world and give others the opportunity to play in this new world.

Diego Magno Loiola: Penciler

Diego loved comics and drew since childhood. He grew up, became a collector, continued drawing, graduated in fine arts, did fanzines, illustrations, fanarts and countless stories; some that never came to light and others that became RPG among friends. Then came Sisterhood, not only the first real job opportunity, but how to give life to someone else’s ideas, a bulky, imaginative and rewarding job. Diego continues to draw and collect comics!


Paulo Teles Yonami: cover artist, Letterer

Yonami or Paulo Teles is a designer and Professional illustrator since he was 19 years old, working at the graphic and digital area, illustrating for graphic publications and TV commercials. Pupil of the best illustrators from Hyper Comics (Jucilande Jr. and Jo√£o Vicente), drawing comics at your hometown (Manaus, Amazon, Brazil) making those for internet and fanzines. A videogame lover (specially 2D games) he always spend some freetimes playing games. Designer by graduation and illustrator by profession, actually Yonami works for GlassHouse Graphics. Today, he lives in S√£o Paulo, working as manager and comic artist. He even launched his ZOMBIESIDE anthology and is now working on his TIME WITCH comic book series.

Rodrigo “Rod” Monteiro (Writer) is a Brazilian writer who has been working in the comic business for the past nine years, being part of the Brazilian House 137 Studio since its foundation in 2015. Among his published material is “The Midnight Witch”, “The Fairy Tales Unit” and “Undead ¬†Nightmare”. All of them are currently available (in English) at the ¬†Webtoons website.

Cezar Razek (artist) is a Brazilian artist who has been working in the comic business for many years, with Battlestar Galactica over at Dynamite and also the inter-company crossover between TopCow and DE with Witchblade/Red Sonja. He has also worked on Stargate, Vampirella, Doc Savage, Dejah Thoris, Zorro, and many more!

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