Comic: Sisterhood #5

Sisterhood One-Shot: Dragons, Ghosts, and… Mermaids?

Sisterhood #5 will be a thick 36-page one-shot with at least 30 story pages! 

This time the Sisterhood will encounter new family members, dragons, ghosts, and… mermaids!

Story 1: The Amazon Rainforest is threatened and the Sisterhood teams up with legendary dragons to handle it epic-ally. [Writer: Monteiro – Artist: Loiola.]

Story 2: Xia Qu sees ghosts… or does she? [Writer: Kruithof – Artist: Carlos Ramos.]

Story 3: The Sisterhood battles monsters but…  are they? [Writer: Boom – Artist: Cain.]

Story 4: The Sisterhood go to… the beach! [Writer: Boom – Artist: Alfredo Reyes.]

Cover A: Leonard Meschini
Cover B: Richard Cain
Cover C: Glady P. Nut aka Cutiesquad
Cover D: Tyler Kirkham
Cover E: Elias Chadzoudis
Cover F: Stef Wilson

Sisterhood #5 contains stories by different writers and different artists! Below is what it will look like. I am only showing one page per story. All pages are finished, but just do not want to give away too much I think 🙂

rt by Loiola, Francisco Silva, Richard Cain, Alfredo Reyes… as you can see 4 very different styles!