Comic: Sisterhood #2

PLOT to #2: Love, betrayal and an epic battle, Mummies and Monsters – all in ONE intense self-contained comic.

Synopsis Main Story: Upon returning to his mansion, high-priest Dymonos makes a heart-wrenching discovery that not only lets him question his loyalty towards his master, the mighty god Khepri, but also sets him on a path of righteous revenge and destruction. Then again – sometimes, not all is at it seems. Brace yourselves for love, heartbreak, daddy-issues and all-out mayhem as we dive deeply into the Sisterhood’s ancient past and learn how Dymonos became the man/spirit he is today in a yarn we like to call “The Fall of Dymonos: Whom Gods Destroy”!

Synopsis Backup Story: Talah is hunting a human trafficker and taking a stance, like only Talah can. 

FORMAT to #2: 29 story-pages in a 40-page book, 115 grams paper stock!
TWO stories, FOUR writers, TWO artists and ONE madman trying to make it into ONE comic!

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 Art from the first 21 page story, by German artist Markus von Renthe-Fink. 

Synopsis: High-Priest Dymonos and his master-god Khepri are tricked in a full-out war, and love is both the cause as well as the key.

Art from the second 7 page back-up story, by Dutch artist Renee Rienties.
7-page story of Taliah, hunting a human traficker. The art will be grayscaled as seen above.

RICHARD BOOM: Project Leader/Creator

Richard Boom  started out in the comic industry as your regular fanboy, just reading  comics and enjoying it even more due to the internet and making contact  with creators. As his contact list grew, so did his interest in the  complete field of comic. Starting up a Bad Grrl Comics Fan club in 2001  was the first step to go further then his own living room. Soon  thereafter he began setting up websites for Arthur Suydam, Eric  Basaldua, Broadsword Comics and focussing on titles like Vampirella,  Cavewoman, Hack/Slash and more… He even started working with the FACTS comicon organization where he also met the founder of Broken Frontier and  shortly thereafter began doing headlines for this news site. Later he  founded the website COMICSFORSINNERS which more resembles his prior BadGrrl fanclub. Nowadays Richard  dabbles in Art Agency, sending out comic Press Releases and since 2019 publishing various comic books.

Markus von Renthe-Fink: Story Editor / story 1 penciller

Markus has loved comics and creating art since childhood. His road to creating comic books, though, took several detours. After graduation he had to admit to himself that it would be next to impossible to make a living by drawing comics in Germany, and relocating to the US wasn’t really an option, even though at this point his drawing abilities were quite good. So he spent the next 20 years in the dreary profession of a graphics deisgner. It took a pep talk from fan-favorite artist Greg Capullo during a book signing in Frankfurt to get Markus back on track; after being told that in the meantime, the “bullpens” at the publishers had ceased to exist: all you needed nowadays to break into comics were talent, a scanner and an internet connection. With newfound enthusiasm, determined to take the comic book world by storm (or, failing that, a gentle breeze), Markus set out to find a partner-in-crime – enter Richard Boom, who was happy to take Markus aboard. Initially (and rather inadvertently) he took on the role of story editor, trying to bring some sort of order and continuity to she sprawling wealth of material that represented the “Sisterhood” universe. Hungry to get his teeth into the actual creation of art, he took the script for a 10-page story apart at the seams (with the blessing of original author Viktor Kruithof) and hammered it into a full-length comic book story. These pages will see print as Sisterhood #2 sometime in the spring of 2020, and, as life sometimes comes full-circle, will feature a variant cover by none other than Greg Capullo. 

Renee Rienties: story 2 penciller

Renee Rienties is an independent comic artist from the Netherlands.
                        She made her start in the world of comics in 2016 with her smallpress book “My Daily Life Comics” which was received well by her readers online and at comic conventions.
                        In 2017 her art took a dark turn, from funny cute gag comics to creepy bloody horror. Here she worked on a story in “Oyasumi” A manga collaboration she started with two fellow artists. Where she drew her comic “Distortia”  Her creepy art will leave a chilling impression for you to remember.
                        In 2018 she worked on a chilling short story in the “Hollandsch Manga” anthology series made by various Dutch artists.
                        If mystery, thriller and horror are your thing, then you have something to look forward to. Right now Renee is working on a new chilling book that will come out end of 2019.
                        Website / links: