Comic: Artist Edition #1

This was a part of the Make 100 Kickstarter Initiative and since I already had success funding the Sisterhood #1 and #2, (you can read more about those here) I was eager to create an ARTIST EDITION for the ORIGIN ISSUE of the Sisterhood.

Format was going to be a 28pg book with 22pg B&W story (with colored lettering) and pinup-section (clrs+b&w), but due to stretchgoals it turned into a 48pg beast!!

It will have 115 gram paper and a cardstock cover!

Here you can see the front and the back cover of the book. Cover by Alberto Cortes Osorio

It’s interiors will consist of the DYMONOS story, for which the synopsis is:

Upon returning to his mansion, high-priest Dymonos makes a  heart-wrenching discovery that not only lets him question his loyalty  towards his master, the mighty god Khepri, but also sets him on a path  of righteous revenge and destruction. Then again – sometimes, not all is  at it seems. Brace yourselves for love, heartbreak, daddy-issues and  all-out mayhem as we dive deeply into the Sisterhood’s ancient past and  learn how Dymonos became the man/spirit he is today in a yarn we like to  call “The Fall of Dymonos: Whom Gods Destroy”!

QUESTION: is this not a reprint?

ANSWER: no! It will be unique!

This is a DIFFERENT comic then my other comics, for a number of reasons:

  • It will have the pencils of the main part of Sisterhood #2 (which is the origin story where the mystery of the Sisterhood started)
  • It will have a Pinup-section (in color and B&W) of all Dutch artists, like Romano Molenaar, Ralf van der Hoeven, Renee Rienties and more
  • It will also have 2 short stories (“meeting” and “beach”) which will be presented here for the first time and pencils only. Still lettered though!

Below are teaser images to the big DYMONOS story, the short MEETING story and the short BEACH story.

Aside from these stories I will also add a nice pinup section with only the best Dutch artists