Sisterhood Projects (and friends)

Below are all the current projects

Sisterhood TPB\HC

Sisterhood Mermaid Mummy ARTBOOK

Ms Inkwell ARTBOOK

Riot Shell vol 1 collection


Aside from comics, BOOM ART DEPARTMENT offers a range of services!

Translating to Dutch

You want a comic translated to Dutch? Just contact me!

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Press Releases

We just love sending out PR and are eager to meet new people this way!

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Art Agent

O there are sooo many lovely folks we know! So do you need pencils, colors, lettering or a complete project handled? Contact me!

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Sisterhood & Friends Blog

Below you will see all things fun happening at Boom Art Department, The Sisterhood project and the many friends we have!

Sisterhood #3 to the printer and #4 will feature a Witch!

Today I wanna send out Sisterhood #3 to the printer (yay) but I am also prepping the next one…Crossing over Mummies with Witches!! Get notified!! when you do that, you might also get notified with the Witch TPB !!

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Store Broke Down

So what now? The Facebook Store is down, the website store is down…. well, just PM me via Facebook, Instagram or send me an email via boomvavavoom ADD gmail DOT com And you can go to the STORE over at the BAD-site!!

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Lessons Learned!

Next Sisterhood-project will be done before it is listed! It is being lettered as we speak, even! Here are the front and back (to be colored) cover. It will be the Dymonos-origin story (basically the Sisterhood #0) and the second story will focus on human trafficking and Talah‘s first solo-adventure. The funny thing about the

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Phase 1 Edits done!

Update on lettering: phase 1 is done. So now onto editing and then the full lettering takes place. SFX will be added as well Update on Editing: me and (mostly) Markus von Renthe-Fink went through the visually lettered pages and found some wonky stuff. So we will partially re-dialogue and re-balloon the book this weekend

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Other projects

Aside from publishing Sisterhood, BAD PRESS COMICS also published THE ZEU LIBRARY: JUNGLE QUEEN SHEVA as well as the MIDNIGHT WITCH